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About Me

Hi, I’m Jonathan Moss…

I believe in creating immersive experiences that sticks in people’s minds and takes them on an adventure into a new world. By pushing the boundaries of digital design and development, I create a unique, memorial experiences to the interactive digital world.

My Mission

My work focuses on one simple question: How can I create a world where people can escape and get lost in? The first way I try to answer that question is to take the complex and make it simple to understand. What are the fundamental forces that shape our behavior and experiences? What common conceptions do we have about the way the digital world works? What are the organizing principles that determine the growth and improvement of all digital systems?

The second way I try to answer the question is to apply these insights to everyday life. What are the most effective ways to turn research into tangible results? How can we pinpoint the hidden roadblocks in our digital lives and overcome our mental barriers? How can we become the architect of our experiences rather than the victim of them? My ultimate goal is to answer a question that lies at the core of what it means to be human: is it possible to create digital experiences that shape our lives and, if so, how do we do it? My hope is that—even if I can only answer this question in a modest way—my work will save you time, make you more effective, and help you build better experiences.

The Road So Far

I am a web developer, designer, UX designer, animator and game developer. In 2014, I graduated at The Open Window with a BA in Visual Communication, majoring in Interactive Media Design and 3D Animation. My love and interest started at the age of six were I played my first video game. It was from then that I knew I wanted to create interactive experiences that were out of this world. My love for games has been my anchor to diving deeper in the digital world and how we interact with it.

While studding at The Open Window School of Visual Communication I was introduces to the world of User Experience Design and the beautiful world of film. This experience got me hooked in the industry of system development. It is an industry where I can take human behavior and create a digital world to help solve and fill full a need. Creating systems that make people’s lives easier and giving them control of their own worlds.

I first started in print media where I learned the principles of print and designing for print. Working at Lorem Designs for a year in 2010, I learned a lot about layout design and the importance of colour in design. At the end of 2010, I was accepted into The Open Window School of Visual Communication where I focused on the digital world and moved away from print media. I jumped head first into my freelancing career where I jump started my web development skills by taking on big content management projects.

My first freelance project was to create an online Itinerary system where users can login and view the tour’s itinerary as well as export it to a word or pdf document. The two week project was the biggest learning curve of my life. It was this project that sparked the flame in my career and was the start of my first business. I went on to brand myself as Tea and Coffee Studio, a design and development company. My next freelance project was to create a digital information system for Voortrekker Monument. It was an intranet system where a QR Code was placed by each artwork and the user could scan it and would be presented by all the information of the artwork.

This project got me interested in the world of computer networks, I got a lot of experience in creating an intranet and learning how the hardware plays a huge role in the design and development process. For the next three years I continued to strengthen my php and mysql skills doing delivery tracking software, botanical encyclopedia and plenty custom content management applications.

In 2014, I opened my own studio in Outspan Shopping Centre freeway park, Boksburg. While catering to my inner entrepreneur I branched out into four main divisions, web design & development, IT Networking, Corporate Identity and Computer Retail. Tea and Coffee Studio grew extremely fast mainly in the Network Maintenance industry.

The Fork in the Road

Although I was growing as a business, I felt like I was not growing as a person. I spent a lot of my time teaching, training interns and making sure that the business was running, but I started to neglect my motivations and loves in my life. At the end of 2016, I decided to close the business and instead focus on my original goal. That is in creating an immersive experiences that sticks in people’s minds and takes them on an adventure into a new world.

I traveled around South Africa in search for a new place I could learn again, meet new people whom share the same love and goals as me, whom respects the industry and like me wants to grow as an individual.

Do you share the same believes and loves as I do, I would love to work with you and together create a unique digital experience for the world to immerse themselves and get lost in.


BA in Visual Communication (majoring in Interactive Media Design and 3D Animation)
The Open Window School of Visual Communication (2011 - 2014)
Centurion, Gauteng

Work Experience

Self Employed (Freelancing)
Tea and Coffee Studio
2011 - 2016
Boksburg, Gauteng

Lead Designer and Printer
Lorem Designs
2010 - 2011
Boksburg, Gauteng

As Lead Designer and Printer of the advertising design agency Lorem Designs, I was responsible for shaping creative strategy and overseeing visual direction for all campaigns. I addressed marketing and communication challenges by leading his team to bring their ideas to life creatively.

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